Parenting after Separation

Often referred to as “child custody and access” or “child residence and contact”, which are in fact terms no longer used in family law.

Nothing changes your life more than becoming a parent. We are parents too, we absolutely understand how emotional and hard all aspects of parenting can be, especially when the relationship with your partner breaks down.

Centring your family’s needs, KMJ Family Law will assist you with all forms of Parenting Arrangements such as:

  • Who your children live with and who they spend time with.
  • Parenting decisions such as education, health, religion, and relocation (when a parent wants to move away with the children).
  • Parenting plans.
  • Consent orders.
  • Child Support Agreements.
  • Court proceedings.
  • Sperm Donations and Co-Parenting.
  • Surrogacy Agreements.
  • Fostering and Adoption.

All families are unique, as are their needs and requirements.

As the family Court of Australia states, you are not required to be represented by a lawyer or to seek legal advice before entering into a consent order, however, family law is complex, and getting advice from experts such as KMJ Family Law, will help you to better understand your rights and responsibilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Consent Orders?2022-07-06T17:22:23+00:00

When both parties have reached an agreement and wish to formalise the agreement to make it legally binding, you may apply to the Court for orders to be made by consent, as per your agreed arrangements. . If you have an existing family law order, consent orders may also be used to vary or void the existing orders.

What is Mediation?2022-07-06T17:22:54+00:00

Mediation is an opportunity for parties to come together to resolve disagreements with the assistance of a neutral third party. Unlike Court, mediation is an affordable way to resolve matters quickly and efficiently.

What are the types of parenting arrangements you can make?2022-07-06T17:23:19+00:00

There are three common forms of parenting arrangements that can be made:

  1. Informal arrangements can be in writing or simply verbal and have the greatest flexibility. For this, the parents need to be on amicable terms and highly child-focused.
  2. Parenting Plans which are a signed written agreement setting out arrangements for the child/ren
  3. Parenting Orders, including consent orders.
Does Covid affect Parenting Orders?2022-07-06T17:23:42+00:00

In short, no. Your current orders remain if they are safe for the child.

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