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KMJ Family law firmly believes it’s rarely in your best interest to go to court. It’s well known just how expensive the experience can be in financial terms, but it is also a huge emotional expense as well. We always work hard to ensure going to court is the absolute last resort for you.

When you need a lawyer by your side we will be there to represent you, whether in negotiations by correspondence between lawyers, at mediation, or in court. We will unapologetically fight for what’s best for you, your children, and your future.

For tips on the required formality and etiquette, as well as how to prepare when attending The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia in person, visit the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia website here.

What to expect when attending a court hearing:
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What is the difference between solicitor and a barrister?2022-07-06T11:31:57+00:00

In the most simplistic of explanations, the difference is essentially that a Barrister represents you in court and advocates on your behalf in court, whilst a Solicitor does much of their work, including providing you with advice, from within their law firm office.

A barrister will traditionally wear a long robe and wig in court, whereas a solicitor simply dresses smartly.


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