What happens after the conference?


If you reach an agreement, it can be made into court orders, or a less formal parenting plan. If you cannot agree, or if the mediation is terminated, the mediator may issue a certificate so that you can take the matter to court. If you received legal aid for the conference you must put in [...]

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What will my lawyer do at the conference?


If you are self-representing, you do not need a lawyer in attendance. If you instruct a lawyer, your lawyer will attend the conference to give you legal advice and support as well as speak on your behalf if necessary.

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What happens at the Family Dispute Resolution Conference?


The conference will be conducted by an experienced family dispute resolution practitioner (also called a mediator). All the parties will have an opportunity to talk about the issues that are important to them. The mediator will: ask each party what they want to happen and why help everyone to listen and talk to each other [...]

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