How is it paid?


Spousal Maintenance can be paid in a lump sum, as a one-off expense, monthly/weekly, as an asset- each situation is different but our team at KMJ can help you navigate the best way forward.

How is it paid?2022-07-11T06:26:23+00:00

Do time limits apply?


Yes. Parties only have 12 months from the date of divorce to apply for spousal maintenance and de facto couples have 24 months from the date of separation. In special circumstances, you can apply to the Court for leave to make an application for spousal maintenance out of time.

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Is the right to obtain spousal maintenance automatic?


No, the party seeking financial support must be unable to cover their reasonable expenses from their own resources and the party being asked to pay spousal maintenance must have enough money coming in to pay their own reasonable living costs as well as cover the other party’s shortfall.

Is the right to obtain spousal maintenance automatic?2022-07-06T11:35:40+00:00
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