Every situation is different but here is our top 10 list of things we suggest you do next.

+ Change your passwords. Do this immediately. Now. All of them. Including your bank pin.

+ Back up your computer. Have you changed your passwords yet?

+ Maintain your well-being. Start by talking to your GP and consider counselling.

+ Record the date you officially separated as you must be separated for one year before you can apply for a divorce,

+ Start a diary so you can keep a record of interactions and negotiations/agreements with your ex-partner. Especially if children are involved.

+ Store your important documents safely e.g. birth certificate, passport, property documents, insurance policies, bank statements, car registration etc

+ Store valuables safely too such as jewellery, artwork etc.

+ Update your important documents: Your Will, Super/Insurance payouts and revoke any power of attorney

+ Separate your money: Open a separate bank account and stop any automatic payments. Cancel joint credit cards, joint loans, utilities etc

You will need to work out who pays what.

+ Let your children’s school know what’s going on.

+ Update Centrelink: Child Care Subsidy and other benefits may change.